Healthy Rules to Live By


1. IF YOU EAT A BURGER, ADD A SALAD.  Tomatoes, carrots & peppers are rich in Vitamin C & E & Beta Carotene, all of which counter the short-term effects of saturated fat & cholesterol.  CHOOSE COLORFUL FOODS

2. BUMP UP YOUR INTAKE OF SALMON, COD OR TUNA.  They contain OMEGA-3 fatty acids which inhibits heart disease

3. MIND YOUR B’S & E’S, Folic acids, B-12, B-6

4. CUT YOUR CALORIES.  Our metabolic rate decreases every decade we’re alive which means as we get older we don’t need as many calories.  A woman over the age of 40 needs only 1600 calories

5. POP A MULTIVITAMIN.  Since we’re not getting enough essential nutrients from food alone, a daily multivitamin can’t hurt

6. LIFT WEIGHTS.  Regardless, of how fit you are, you’ll lose muscles at a rate of 1 PERCENT a year around age 45.  If you’re in 20s & 30s, start banking lean muscles now with strength training 3 or 4 times a week.  The more muscles you have, the more calories you’ll burn

7. REV UP YOUR HEART RATE.  Cardiovascular activities strengthen your heart & burn fat.  If you’re doing cardio while holding a conversation, you’re not working hard enough

8. OPT FOR LOW-IMPACT EXERCISES.  Knees, hips & ankles see the effects of aging first to minimize trauma to joints, try walking, swimming & cycling

9. KEEP YOURSELF HYDRATED.  Muscles are 70% water