Brief on the Champ

Trying to survive
When I was five, my father used to train me. When I was around 7, my father passed away, a way to make the unreachable dream come true.

I started to work in summer times and exercising stoutly at night while attending school during the day, and I was the only boy in my Family. 

When I was in college, I used to go to work in the morning, going to class in the afternoon, and training at night, yet, unfortunately, I did not get the expected result.

Then I sought the help of many trainers which also was a failure, where I was living in the mountain of Lebanon, there were no gyms. 

Then I started going to Beirut to train which used to take me about 2 hours and sometimes in winter time very hard because I was waiting for the taxi in the streets, and was arriving at the gym soaking wet…

During 2009 to 2013 I had 3 big accidents and the doctor told me in Canada that I cannot exercise or participate in any championship, then I continue my work harder and exercised and I achieved more championships…
The dream came true
In 1991, my dream came true when I won the first rank in body building and kickboxing competition and it was cheerfully welcomed at my village with yells of happiness and pride holding me on the shoulders…

It was an unforgettable moment and a new phase of my life which opened the gate for me to continue my journey in what I believed from the beginning to be a reality…

Hitting the target
After that, I started training individually at home using modest homemade equipment, but getting good results which shocked my competitors and all the surroundings as well …

Then I moved to train people at home private sessions …
In 1992, my champ’s career pathway started to be more framed, so I was an assistant trainer.

Then I became a senior trainer in 1994 and ended up as a club manager in 1999 until present during which I supervised the opening of three 5 stars clubs in Kuwait and Dubai.

Now I am the Club General Manager of the Palms Hotel Beach Club and Spa in Kuwait. 

I have been involved in the fitness industry for the past 23 years as a trainer, coach, manager and have received many awards in the Fitness & Martial arts industries. 

I had competed in many local and international bodybuilding and martial arts competitions and have received many awards too.

Regional Recreations Consultant for the following Hotels:
  • 2007 – Present
The Palms Beach Hotel & Spa 5 Stars, Health Club Manager.
5 Stars Royal Nassima Hotel – Sheikh Zayed Road Member of the Pre-Opening Team
4 Stars Radisson Blu – Dubai, Member of the Pre-Opening Team
  • 2003 – 2007                   
The Palms Beach Hotel & Spa  5 Stars, Fitness Manager / Acting Club Manager Member of the Pre-Opening Team